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**********************$5.00 Medium CHEESE Pizza Or $7.99 Meidium 3 Meat Combo******************


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About Us

 The first thing we are asked is “why Electric Pizza”?  Well the owner Jackie is a child of the 80’s.  Born into the 70’s did most of her growing up in the 80’s.  It was a wonderful time the iron curtain fell music discovered the big hair band, and tv discovered music.  Every week after playing softball or just as a night out was filled with pizza, so much pizza!  Not cheap cardboard pizza but pizza that was heavy on topping covered in cheese.                                            

        So when the owners came together to create a pizza place we thought of the fun of the Electric Light company, Sesame Street, Big hair bands and awesome pizza.  Our first Name was simple Awesome Pizza!  Unfortunately that name is taken.  Jackie's second thought “Electric Pizza”  She wanted pizza so good that Danny Zuko, would fall to his knees.                      

        The Next part was left to her husband Joe.  A Chef with 20+ years of commercial kitchen experience.  Went to work testing dough, 65 recipes and 3 books later.  We settled on what tuned out to be the 3rd recipe tried.  After some adjustments for humidity, height above sea level, and water quality we had found our unicorn.  A pizza dough that is crisp on the bottom, doughy in the middle and chewy on crust, our Old World NY Pie was born.  Made from 5 ingredients,  Water, Salt, Yeast, Oil, and Flour.                                                                                

        We have one philosophy that we carry through every pizza and that is the best.  We try to find the best ingredients, anywhere.  This leads us to our pizza toppings,  most companies buy commercially available pizza toppings from a distributor.  Why does that matter?  Because those toppings are made with one thought in mind economy.  The label tells the real story, called Pork topping or Beef Topping.  But the ingredient label tells us that “Pork topping” is pork then up to 45% mechanically separated chicken or vegetable meat substitute and then seven or eight other ingredients called flavor enhancers.                                           

         Due to this we at Electric Pizzeria use only homemade pork sausage and Italian sausage. 

 Our Sausage is Fresh Ground Pork Butt and spices, No Nitrates used.  Taking this extra step ensures that we know everything that is in our pizza.  Our Cheese in shredded in the store because we don’t believe that people should eat cheese covered in cellulose “Paper”.  All commercially available cheese that is shredded is coated in paper.                                             

         We take our job of producing the best pizza very seriously maybe a little fanatically. It is our hope that you will come eat our pizza and fall to the ground saying, Electric Pizza So Good it’s Electrifying!!!                  

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